Yes, the luggage weighing and tracking system was patented early in 2012 in the US, Europe, and Australia. The publication number in the US is US2015/0160069A1.

Yes, E-CASE uses real-time GPS positioning and reports the location back to the app via global GSM cellular. Other smart luggage only uses cellular tower positioning which can only tell you the luggage is lost somewhere in the airport. With E-CASE, you'll know exactly where your luggage is and can keep an eye on it in real-time on the mobile app. If your luggage is lost, just call the airline and tell them where to find it... like a boss!

No, E-CASE includes a global GSM SIM card that features automatic roaming and auto-connect to any local network provider when it is traveling overseas.

Yes, unlike many other smart luggage that can only tell the bag location as a name of the airport, E-CASE has real GPS that can pinpoint your bag anywhere on a map.

Yes, the well protected removable battery is rechargeable and absolutely compliant with all flight authorities.

The built-in-case lithium polymer battery can power the full functionality of E-CASE, including location, proximity sensor, digital lock (Bluetooth & fingerprint), digital scale etc. for about 240 hours. All E-CASE components are low power consumption.

Yes, there is a battery level indicator visible on your E-CASE mobile app. However, it is recommended that the batteries should be fully recharged before you start the trip.

Yes, all sizes of E-CASE luggage are designed fully compliant with Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United Nations (UN), and International Air Transportation Association (IATA) guidelines. 

Power Bank: Only the E-CASE Carry-on comes with a power bank which both its design and size comply with IATA’s Regulations and it is removable.
Built-in-case Battery: E-CASE adopts a built-in-case lithium polymer battery with well protected against short circuits that is compliant with UN 3481, Packing Instruction 966 and 967.
Electronic Module: We use algorithms to suspend GSM signal during the flight by analyzing vibration and light intensity in order to comply with certain safety requirements. Therefore E-CASE knows itself is checked in and going to fly, it suspends the telecom signal automatically and turns back on while it realizes itself landed.

Yes, no matter you are checking in your E-CASE to the airline or going through the security check with E-CASE at the airport, you should not have any problem with security issue relative to E-CASE. Because we optimized the electronic module and the built-in battery with well protected against short circuits, they are absolutely compliant with IATA’s UN 3481, Packing Instruction 966 and 967.
We have tested E-CASE by checking in on airlines and carrying through the security check during trips with local and international flights to destinations include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai. We did not get rejected and even a single question asked by any airline and Customs officers. But we did get pinpoint and footprint accuracy in every destination to complete the round-world test for E-CASE.

E-CASE is compliant with all the regulations of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and we are applying for their approval for the E-CASE lock system. We are committed to building the best luggage and with no need for traditional keys or passcodes, E-CASE is the safest and most convenient luggage in the market. E-CASE’s innovative and revolutionary lock system is combined with Bluetooth, fingerprint and SMS unlocking where can avoid many of the shortages of traditional luggage lock such as, widely reported before, anyone with 3D printed master keys which are easily reachable from online can unlock every single TSA-approved padlock.

E-CASE includes two (2) years FREE annual service fee comes with every E-CASE purchased on Kickstarter.
After two years, the annual service fee is only $9.99 USD for Kickstarter backers.

E-CASE is made with durable technologies and durable materials. We provide a five (5) year warranty for the E-CASE suitcase, and one (1) year warranty for the E-CASE electronic modules. Simply send your E-CASE or just the defective part back to us and we will provide a free replacement.

Yes, you can easily change or cancel your pledge at anytime before the campaign ends. 

After the campaign has ended and funds have been disbursed, you'll need to contact the E-CASE team who will handle changes on a case-by-case basis.